A model for osteoarchaeological analysis of the graves 1-3 from the Medieval necropolis of Piata Universitatii, Bucharest

The burial was discovered in 2010 in the square 3 BII at the depth of -3.45-3.85 m. There were three adult skeletons thrown into the pit. The skeleton 1 was lying on the back ...

Anthropological report regarding the human bones from Piata Universitatii

During the period February-May 2013 there were analyzed 378 skeletons from 360 graves (27 were re-inhumations). From the total of 378 skeletons 148 were assigned as males, 82 as females and 148 as indeterminable ...

Basic results from the foramen magnum study in the Rainer Osteological Collection

Both the width and height of the foramen magnum are highly significantly different (P<0.001). The way in which we have looked at shape at present is not significantly different, but is close ...



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