Different shapes, but same people: scaphocephalic skulls from Romania

A number of seven skulls from Rainer collection and one from University Square cemetery were identified with scaphocephaly. For all the skulls, age and sex was established, and also the measurements and pathology were recorded.

Understanding epidemics in the Crimean War. A case of forensic autopsy on a Russian officer buried in Bucharest, Romania

Archaeological excavations in the Bucharest’s center, brought to light ten graves belonging to adult males, which according to the parade uniforms in which they were buried, were officers of the Russian Imperial Army.

Reproduction in the Bucharest’s past – how the human bones can reconstruct a demographic behavior

A number of nine archaeological samples (three urban and six rural) were demographic analyzed for crude rate of natality and mortality, life expectancy and coefficient of fertility.

Tuberculosis cases in the early modern Bucharest

The study presents nine skeletons, discovered in the University Square cemetery (16th-19th centuries), with bone modifications cause by an infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

A possible case of spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia from the Late Roman necropolis of Ibida (Slava Rusa), Romania

The skeleton (noted M 78) was discovered in 2004 at Slava Rusa necropolis (Tulcea County) from eastern Romania. The archaeological excavations for cemetery started in 2001 with a discovery of a family vault.

A model for osteoarchaeological analysis of the graves 1-3 from the Medieval necropolis of Piata Universitatii, Bucharest

The burial was discovered in 2010 in the square 3 BII at the depth of -3.45-3.85 m. There were three adult skeletons thrown into the pit. The skeleton 1 was lying on the back ...

Anthropological report regarding the human bones from Piata Universitatii

During the period February-May 2013 there were analyzed 378 skeletons from 360 graves (27 were re-inhumations). From the total of 378 skeletons 148 were assigned as males, 82 as females and 148 as indeterminable ...


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