Working with ancient DNA is difficult and the crucial requirement to achieve reliable results is to provide a contamination free environment for handling and analyzing the historical samples. We built and outfitted this year an ancient DNA lab with spatially and temporally rooms for aDNA extraction and PCR amplification to specially facilitate extraction and analyzing of ancient DNA. These photos below show the aDNA lab built in the Romanian Institute of Anthropology from Bucharest.

We process all ancient samples originating from human sources in the clean room. Some of the bone samples are grinded using liquid nitrogen in SPEX Mill 6770 and other are extracted from teeth using an internal method without grinding. After phenol-chloroform DNA extraction all the samples are concentrated and cleaned. PCR and post-PCR lab are located in a different location to avoid any contamination. In order to destroy unwanted DNA fragments before each experiment all steps involving DNA extraction and PCR mixes occur in the clean room which is equipped with a special HEPA filter and UV lamps. This room is under positive airflow to keep exogenous DNA from entering the room.

Ancient DNA Lab - Romanian Institute of Anthropology
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